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  • (800) 982-9337

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Customer Service:

  • (855) 823-4327
  • +49 913 2840

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Adidas Customer Service Overview

The aggregated data is based on calls made from website and questionnaires provided by users.

  • Adidas Customer Service is rated at 1.7 out of 5. Consumers who contact the company are mostly dissatisfied. More commonly used way of contact is by phone.

    Source Distribution
    93% phone 7% email
  • The best phone number to call Adidas is 8009829337. 92% of consumers used this number to address their issues and concerns. It is also considered the best number to call, as 80% of customers reported contacting a real person successfully.

  • The average hold time is less than 1 minute. The longest wait times are on Monday, while the shortest are on Sunday. The average call time is 5 minutes.

  • Be prepared for the call as Adidas may ask you for the following information to identify you as a customer: first and last name, order id or email.

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How to Contact Adidas Customer Service?

Most Popular Number:

(800) 982-9337
Total calls: 9 419 Issues resolved: 302 Last call: May 22, 2024

If you’ve faced some issues with your Adidas delivery, exchange or refund you may contact the toll-free Adidas customer service number. You can reach Adidas customer service for questions or comments about your purchase or experience at +1 (800) 982-9337 from Monday to Saturday, 5am to 8pm PT.
If you’re in Canada please call at +1 (855) 823-4327 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm ET.

If you want to get assistance from Adidas by email, you should find the required address. But bear in mind that each company department has its own Adidas email address. You can contact the company at: regarding purchasing Adidas sneakers in bulk (minimum of 25 items from their catalog).
In case you’re having questions about legal issues, you may send an email at
If you’re a journalist and you have media-related inquiries, you may send an email at

One of the fastest ways to get in touch with Adidas support team is by calling this number: +1(800) 982-9337. It is free for landlines. Mobile charges may apply.
But if you were not able to reach a live person through calling the company you can use the Adidas live chat option to solve your issues. On the Adidas help page, you will see a chat icon in the right bottom corner, click on it and fill the form with your contact information, such as first name, last name, email address and order number, you will be immediately redirected to a live agent.
Also, as an alternative, you may send an email or send a direct message via the company's social media accounts and Adidas customer support will respond within 24 hours.

Adidas also provides support via social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The links to the company’s social media accounts are available on its website.
Adidas has active Twitter accounts @adidas, @adidasUS and @adidasCA , so you have the possibility to contact the company via DM or mention Adidas in your tweet. Adidas customer support team actively replies to people regarding queries about their order or refund.
You may find Adidas on Facebook: @adidas, but there is no possibility to send a message to the company directly, so it is better to use Twitter to contact the company.
You may also send a message to Adidas on Instagram: @adidas

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Contact Information

Adidas Website:

Adidas Help Center:

Corporate Office Address:

Adidas America, Inc.
5055 North Greeley Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217-3524
United States

Other Info (opening hours):


Monday - Saturday: 5:00am - 8:00pm



Ave. Principal y Ave. La Rotonda,

Torre Sur – 4th Floor,

Business Park ,

Costa del Este,

Panamá 00000


World of Sports, Adi-Dassler-Strasse 1,


Bavaria 91074


Gongcheng Road,

Xujiahui TWO ITC, No. 160,


Xuhui District 200030

The Netherlands

Hoogoorddreef 9-A ,

Atlas Arena Offices,

Amsterdam 1101

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Adidas Customer Service Reviews

1.7 / 5
Joshua C Vio
Experience with Adidas - A Warning to Potential Buyers
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

I hope this review finds you well, although I must express my deep disappointment and frustration with my recent experience as a loyal customer of Adidas. As someone who has supported their brand for many years, it pains me to say that my most recent encounter has left me feeling utterly dissatisfied and disillusioned.
In March, I placed an order with Adidas, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my chosen item.

However, what followed was a series of delays and a complete lack of transparency regarding the whereabouts of my package. Despite numerous attempts to inquire about the status of my order, I was consistently met with vague responses and what felt like an endless runaround.
Months have passed, and yet, I have not received the product I purchased nor any meaningful attempt to rectify the situation. This has been the worst customer experience I have ever encountered. As someone who has been a dedicated customer of Adidas for years, this treatment is both disheartening and unacceptable.
I want to emphasize that my loyalty to Adidas was unwavering until this incident.

However, the mishandling of my order and the subsequent lack of effort to resolve the issue have irreversibly tarnished my perception of their brand. As a result, I can no longer justify spending my hard-earned money on Adidas products.
I urge potential buyers to consider my experience seriously before making a purchase from Adidas.

The lack of accountability and poor customer service exhibited in this situation is unacceptable. I hope that sharing my experience will encourage Adidas to reevaluate their customer service practices and prevent others from enduring similar frustrations.
Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

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Marea Ozj
Package delayed and or lost
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

I ordered 2 items from adidas last week. Same time, same order, same invoice.

Half my order showed up(in less time than expected which was nice). The other half of my order delayed and possibly lost. FedEx hasnt a clue what happened nor do they even know where my package is. I called adidas for a refund because its now 4 days past the expected delivery date and nobody has an answer for me.

Adidas told me I have to wait 14 days to get a refund because the package may arrive in the mail. Yeah, well, it also MAY NOT arrive and now I have to go out and buy another birthday present for my brother because nobody knows what the deal is.

Very poor customer service on both parties. Very very frustrating.

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Gabriela M Kjf
Really Bad Customer Experience - Feedback | Gabriela Meirelles

Dear Adidas Customer Service,
My name is Gabriela, Im from Brazil and have recently travelled to the USA, being there from Feb 24th to Mar 5th. I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration regarding my recent experiences with orders placed on the Adidas website.

As a loyal customer of Adidas for several years, I have always held your brand in high regard for its quality products and efficient service. However, my recent encounters have left me deeply dissatisfied.
To begin with, on Feb 20th, still being in Brazil, I placed an order for an Adidas Adizero Boston 12, size 9 W, order AD92320****. Since I looked for the same running shoes in Brazil e couldnt find it in store to try it on, I ordered size 9 because that is the size I wear for my Nike`s running shoes. It was right after President`s Day and there was a coupon bigsale available.

Everything went fine with the order and the website. The shoes arrived at the Adidas Originals Store in Miami Beach on Feb 23rd. First thing I did as soon as I arrived in Miami was going to the store and for my surprise, the shoes were too big for me. The guy who helped me there, looked it up in Adidas` system and told me that I could go to the Adidas store at Sawgrass Mills, where they had the same shoes in size 8 ½ and could exchange it for me.

Another option was to return the shoes and order it again from the online store, but at that point the coupon was not available anymore and the price had gone up. After that, I even started chatting with Adidas online customer service and was informed again that I could either return the shoes or go to the Sawgrass Mills store to exchange the shoes for the smaller size.
On Feb 26th my plans were to rent a car in Miami and head straight to Orlando, were I would continue the trip. Since both the employees from the Miami Beach store and the other one from the customer service chat said I could exchange the shoes at Sawgrass Mills I decided to change my plans and stop there before going to Orlando. That made me go out of my route and arrive in Orlando in the evening, but I really wanted the shoes!

So I went there and, again, for my frustration they did not have the shoes and said they had stopped selling it months before. I just couldn`t believe it! One of the employees of the store advised me to return the shoes and get it online, but the price was different from the one I had bought at first. I ended up returning the shoes and tried to forget about it.
After a couple of days, on Feb 29th, I was already in Orlando and got an email from Adidas about a flash sale, coupon LEAPDAY.

I looked up for the same Adizero Boston 12 I bought before and it was still available. On the website, it was written in large green letters that if I placed the order immediately, it would be available for pick up on the next day, that being Friday, March 1st. I was just so happy when I saw it, the price was even lower than the one I got for the first time and it would arrive on perfect time! So that was what I did, I placed the order AD92356****.

My mother heard me talking about the flash sale and decided to orders some products too, the message was the same: products would be available on March 1st. Her order was AD92356****, also placed through my account. We both selected the option for the store pick up at the Adidas Store at Florida Mall. On the same day I got the e-mails saying that both orders were on their way to the store, which made me feel really confident about it, since it was really clear on the website that I could pick them up on the next day.
We went to the store on Friday, around 5pm and asked about the orders.

The employee who helped me didnt actually help, just said that if I didnt get the email telling me to pick it up, then they were not available. I explained to him about the date on the website and everything, but he didnt really care about it. So here I started feeling really frustrated again and tried sending messages to the Adidas chat. All the answers were 100% standardized and basically everyone said they couldnt help, that I had to speak directly to the store.

By the way, the phone number for the Adidas Store at Florida Mall (the one you show online) doesnt work, they just dont pick it up. I felt that no one was actually willing to help, it really made me regret placing those orders.
My plans were to go back to Miami on Mar 4th, since my flight back to Brazil was on the 5th and we had a contract with the car rental firm that we would be back by 12pm on the 4th. We decided to pay for another day with the car so we could wait a bit longer to see if the orders would finally be available, since they were supposed to be at the store on the past Friday and they didnt arrive on time. Around 11am I received the email saying the order was available and we went to the Florida Mall as soon as possible.

For my disappointment and frustration once again, only my mothers products were available, not the Adizero Boston 12 that was the one that I really wanted from the beginning. Another time I told the whole story for the employees there, asked them to help me tracking my shoes and they were all just SO UNFRIENDLY! It was really clear that they did not care about the customer service that was being delivered. On top of that, my mom tried her shoes on and they didnt fit her well, but when we asked if we could exchange them there, they said no because, according to them, the shoes were on sale and they did not have those on the store.
Since we were heading back to Miami we decided to go back to the Sawgrass Mills store, which was an outlet so they would be able to exchange the shoes.

We asked about it when we arrived and they confirmed it so my mom started looking for other models. When we went to the check out point, we gave the cashier the shoes we wanted to exchange and the new ones. For my surprise ONCE AGAIN, the lady said the products we got were not available for exchange, neither for return! She advised me to call the customer service and what the lady I spoke to said to me was that the employees at the Florida Mall didnt put on system that we had got the shoes, thats why we couldnt return it, that we just had to wait until they were available to do that.

I was truly chocked when I heard that because we picked the shoes up not after 1pm and we tried to return/exchange them after 7pm! Well, after another awful situation I asked to speak to the manager and he was literally the first and only person from Adidas that actually helped! So I would really like to report that, manager Uzo from the Adidas Store at Sawgrass Milss was extremely professional and solved our problem, we could exchange the products at the end.
After all, I ended up without the running shoes I wanted but at least my mother found good options for her. On Mar 5th I got the e-mail that my shoes arrived at the Florida Mall store, but unfortunately I was already going back to Brazil.

I know that after a couple of days my order will be sent back to the inventory and Ill get the refund, but that was really not I was wanted. I did a lot of research on running shoes and was certain that the Adizero Boston 12 was the best one for me, so its really a shame I wont be able to have it. Im running a half marathon this year and that was my goal shoe.
As a result of all these issues listed above, I have had to spend valuable time and effort contacting customer service to address the problems with my order during my trip.

As a loyal customer who values the Adidas brand, I expect a higher level of service and attention to detail and thats why I wanted to tell you this whole situation.
I appreciate your attention. Please do not hesitate to contact me at this e-mail (gabimei@***.com or gabimei@***.com) if you require any further information or clarification.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Gabriela Meirelles

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Rashed a Lzs
Order Number:AD92003****

I am very upset. I have not received my shipment for three months, and customer service has not contacted me.

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How Good is Adidas's Customer Service?

Georgiana J
Georgiana J
Feels Disappointed | May 11, 2024

The fourth I had he was good and a girl the other two people was a hot mess

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Azaryah Wgi
Azaryah Wgi
Feels Disappointed | Feb 04, 2024

My customer service rep was very pleasant. Listen to my concerns, but told me since I did not have a receipt was not concerned about my problem with my shoe falling apart.

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Orlando T Wvz
Orlando T Wvz
Feels Satisfied | Feb 03, 2024

9 1/2 shoes , medium attire 350 to stay in suites for 4 nights, thank you,4243 367 **** ,

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Smantha Xbo
Smantha Xbo
Feels Satisfied | Dec 28, 2023

- . Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text you copy will be savedvery satisfied very helpful they took care of my problem the customer did customers service person was very helpful here.. I

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Mia Iwz
Mia Iwz
Feels Satisfied | Dec 03, 2023

The representative was very polite and helpful.

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Maud Vrj
Maud Vrj
Feels Satisfied | Nov 29, 2023

I had ordered a Christmas present that was not the right size for my grandson. She told me what to do and she sent me a return sticker through my email while I was on the phone with her very fast outcome.

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Summary of Adidas Customer Service Calls

04:29 AVG CALL

Top Reasons of Customers Calls

Consumers Call the Most From

Why Do People Call Adidas?

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “Change size”
  • “Haven't got my order”
  • “Haven't received my order”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “Exchange info in app not working”
  • “Return”
  • “Return issue”

Request for Information Question:

  • “I am checking on my order”
  • “Looking for my package”
  • “To find out if I can get replacement insoles”

Product/ Service Question:

  • “Sneakers broke”
  • “Broken Softball Helmet”
  • “They accused me of takin something I didn't do I paid for everyone I'm gonna call bbb than the trades and I will let people know how u treat ur Africa customers I will never buy anything else well I have calls to make ayd Mo”

Refund Question:

  • “Refund update”
  • “Refund”
  • “Refund missing”

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “Unauthorized charges on my credit card”
  • “Not accepting my debit card in a purchase”
  • “Unauthorized purchase”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “Cancelar un pedido”
  • “Cancel return process”
  • “Cancel online order”

Account Question:

  • “Hay there an a tiktok and i will love to sponsor you in my tiktok account i will show your stuff that you send me from alibrahim”
  • “Account issues”
  • “Two accounts same email”

Cards Question:

  • “Gift card”
  • “Verify my gift card balance”
  • “My card is being charged”

Website/ Application Question:

  • “Just placed order online didn't receive confirmation email.”
  • “Trying to order online”
  • “To see why i can't place a order online”

Staff Question:

  • “Customer service Complaint”
  • “Customer service”
  • “Horrible customer service”

Employment Question:

  • “In need of a job visa sponsorship”
  • “401k”
  • “Well the reason for my call is now more than the single issue that I had now the reason for my call is it effective product that was purchased that my son had on and another reason is for the runaround in the spin job I've been going through for the”

Other Question:

  • “I want them to see if they can make me a bulk of my hoodies”
  • “My name is gazelle and the new addidas shoe is called my name!”
  • “Address change”


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